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Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
Evangelist, Radio Host & Best-Selling Author

Deacon Harold travels across the United States and around the world speaking at conferences, workshops, retreats, parish missions, high schools, and young adult events – in short, to everyone who desires to know Jesus intimately and enjoy a deeper personal relationship with Him. His areas of expertise include marriage and family life, discerning the will of God, the sacraments, male spirituality, pro-life issues, evangelization, prayer, and many others.

Deacon Harold holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Theological Studies Degree from the University of Dallas. He co-hosts the weekly broadcast, “Living Stones,” every Monday on Mater Dei Radio, and has appeared as a guest on numerous other national and international radio programs, including “Catholic Answers Live” and “Vocation Boom Radio.”

In addition, he is the host or co-host of several popular series on EWTN television. Deacon Harold is featured on the award winning Chosen faith formation program by Ascension Press and the author of the best-selling book, Behold the Man: A Catholic Vision of Male Spirituality published by Ignatius Press.

Deacon Harold is featured on The Greatest Commandments: A 40-Week Spiritual Journey for Married Couples, a vibrant marriage-enrichment program rooted in biblical values and designed to help husbands and wives know God better, trust Him fully and love Him completely throughout the course of their married lives.

Retaining a deep love of Benedictine spirituality which he gained during his time discerning a call to that religious community, Deacon Harold is a Benedictine Oblate of Mt. Angel Abbey. He is also a member of the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars and the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy.

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Steve Bollman
Paradisus Dei

During the Great Jubilee, Steve experienced a personal call to found a ministry dedicated to the renewal of marriage and family life. In 2002, he set aside his professional interests as an energy derivatives trader in Houston, Texas, to found Paradisus Dei, an organization of lay Catholics dedicated to discovering the superabundance of God within the home.

Steve is the developer and presenter of That Man Is You!, a men’s program serving over 25,000 men across the country. He also wrote, presented, and produced The Choice Wine: 7 Steps for a Superabundant Marriage, a marriage program which helps couples consider the interior life of the Holy Family at Nazareth as a model for Catholic families today. Participants have been “astounded” by the “Three Wisdoms” of the Church presented in these programs – harmonizing theology with the findings of modern science while providing a vision touching the divine.

Through his passion and dedication to forming couples and families as the primary community where the faith is lived and known, Steve has grown Paradisus Dei and its programs over the last fifteen years. Current programming serves families in over 600 parishes, 46 states, and five countries. Steve’s writings have appeared in The National Catholic Register, Inside the Vatican, and Catholic Answers. He lives with his wife and daughters in Houston, Texas.

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Jason Craig

Jason grew up in a divorced home and later fell into typical teenage vices, but everything changed after he was mentored by a mature Christian man and led to accept the Christian faith.

After a failed attempt at showing a Catholic friend why Catholicism was nonsense, Jason became a Catholic, along with his future-wife Katie, who grew up in an atheist home. After being received into the Church, Jason and Katie entered the world of full-time Catholic apostolate. However, as Jason applied his knowledge and experience of youth ministry at a Catholic parish he realized that it was the families, especially the fathers that had the greatest impact. During this time Jason joined Justin Biance and Tommy Van Horn in founding Fraternus, and Jason wrote and developed the training and curriculum used today around the country.

Jason has a Masters in Theology and Evangelization from the Augustine Institute, and continues his studies and work from a small farm in rural NC. His writings on culture, masculinity, and mentoring have appeared on numerous sites like New Advent, Catholic Exchange, Aleteia and Those Catholic Men, and he is working on a book on rites of passage for Catholic boys. He is also known to staunchly defend his family’s claim to have invented bourbon.

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Joe McClane
MC / Guadalupe Radio

Affectionately known online as “The Catholic Hack,” Joe is the General Manger of KSHJ 1430 AM Catholic radio in Houston, and talk show host of “Evangelium Live” on the Guadalupe Radio Network. Prior to that, Joe was the Director and Events Coordinator for the Fullness Of Truth Catholic Evangelization Ministries, planning and executing large apologetics conferences throughout Texas. Joe is also the author of “Muscle Memory: Beating The Porn Temptation,” as well as the first chapter of “Delivered” published by Catholic Answers.  In 2007, Joe started CatholicHack.com, where his motto is “to be the donkey Jesus rides today”, in an effort to leverage new media in the pursuit of evangelizing the world with the Good News. Through his work in podcasting, video production, blogging, speaking, and writing, Joe has shared and defended the Catholic faith with thousands around the globe. This year marks Joe’s seventieth year as a Catholic, having converted from the Church of Christ in 1999, and sixteenth year of marriage to his wife Michelle. They live in Houston and are expecting their sixth child in March.

Joe grew up in the Church of Christ but fell away and became agnostic in his teens. He joined the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil of 1999 and was married, to his lovely wife Michelle, in September of 2000. Joe attributes his full conversion to a spring day in 2002 when he got on his knees and “let go and let God”. Joe’s journey went into hyper drive at that point and he’s been in love with the Catholic faith ever since. He & his wife are devout practicing Catholics who are excited to share the treasure they “found in a field” with the whole world. One of Joe’s passions is to travel and speak at conferences and parishes, passionately sharing the joy of the Catholic Church, how God saved him from porn addiction, evangelization, apologetics, and more.